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Applications of Ozone Systems
(Excerpted from ozomax.com)



Aquaculture (Fish farming)

Ozone treatment of fish ponds eliminates water-borne diseases resulting in healthier fish and higher fish yields.









Increasing pressure to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the farming of our food has led the agricultural industry to seek alternatives to pesticides. Ozone has been proven to be an effective agent and leaves no harmful residue on the produce.





Bottling (Water, juices, beverages, wine)

Ozone is used in the bottled beverage industry to treat the water used to make the beverages, to sterilize bottles and to disinfect the bottling and filling equipment. In the wine industry, ozone is used to clean the barrels used to age the wine.



Cooling Towers

Cooling towers treated with ozone offer better heat transfer efficiencies, lower blowdown volumes and decreased chemical usage.





Ozone is a stronger oxidant than all other commonly used disinfectants including chlorine, hypochlorous acid, and hydrogen peroxide. It leaves behind no harmful residue since unreacted ozone decomposes to oxygen.




Ozone is ideal for drinking water treatment both for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses such as E.coli, cryptosporidium and rotavirus but also because it can precipitate heavy metals such as iron and manganese.




Photoresist removal and silicon wafer production are just a couple of applications of ozone in the electronics industry.




Not only can ozone be used to treat the drinking water used for the animals and clean the wastewater produced by them, it has been shown to translate to higher productivity and profits for poultry and hog farmers.




Uses for ozone in food processing include the sanitisation of fruits and vegetables, food storage, chilling, and the disinfection of equipment.




Treating the water used in hydroponics with ozone eliminates hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and pathogens resulting in higher crop yields.




The benefits of ozone in commercial laundries are almost too good to be true. Ozone can greatly reduce the amount of hot water used, reduce chemical usage and recycle wash water for reuse. Moreover, linen life is extended whencompared to chlorine washing representing huge savings forhotels and hospitals.



Ozone offers a chemical-free way of treating pools and spas. Bathers will benefit from clear, chemical-free, odourless water. Unlike chlorine, ozone will not bleach hair, damage bathing suits, dry skin, irritate eyes nor irritate the respiratory system.





Soil contaminated with hydrocarbons can be reclaimed on site with the use of ozone. Worthless land can become valuable real estate by using a special ozone ground injection technique.



The careless dumping of wastewater into the environment is taking a toll on our planet. More and more governments are putting in place and enforcing stringent environmental regulations to curb this practice. Ozomax AOP technologies offer not only a means of meeting discharge regulations but allow process water to be recycled back to the process often with useful chemicals - converting an expense into a savings!




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