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A-Ozone Generator

Model  S2*



Industrial multi funtion

Ozone Output

2  g/h


4  g/Nm3

Ozone  Pressure

10 kpa



30 x 15 x 45


AC 220V 50Hz 65W



Price FOB





3 years for Ozonator

1 year for other details







  • Cold corona-plasma ozone
  • Air filter-dryer built in
  • Silent
  • High purity aluminum ceramic tube, which is anti oxidation
  • Solid state inverter / converter made of epoxy resin and vacuum encapsulated high pressure module
  • Original anti-circumfluence device, preventing water from backing to the ozone chamber
  • ABS industrial plastic, smooth and strong
  • E structure air pump which is stable and has a long lifetime
  • Original CPU, EMC anti-jamming design
  • CE approval transformer, 3C approval power cord
  • Stable circuit and has been strictly checked through computer, ensuring its high quality




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